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underwater linear actuator

Making underwater welding safer with robotics

By Jared Worth Underwater welding is one of the most dangerous professions out there. Divers face dangers not only during the welding process itself, but throughout the entire dive. This blog is going to...

CE & flexible cables

Small Mark, Huge Effect: CE White Paper

CE is a voluntary commitment to safety provided by suppliers that can give customers a reason to trust their components. Before affixing the marking, machine and system manufacturers go through an extensive, painstaking conformity...

chainflex flexible cable

Can fiber optic cable be the solution for small bend radii?

By IGU-BLOG-ADM This article originally appeared on https://blog.igus.eu/can-fibre-optic-cable-be-the-solution-for-small-bend-radii/ Industry 4.0 has now found its way into very many applications. Data is collected at a wide variety of points and must be conveyed to the control...