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de-icing a plane

How igus® Products Help De-icing Plane Vehicles

By Florian Schiller Frost, ice and snow collecting on critical surfaces of an aircraft can quickly compromise safety. Any amount of buildup impairs an aircraft’s aerodynamics and in the worst case, can cause stalling...

two and four bolt flange bearings

An Introduction to Self-Aligning Plain Bearings

By Shizu Yamaguchi In this article, we will define self-aligning plain bearings, cover how they came to be, go through their material makeup, design, and applications, then conclude with some things to think about...

UV robot and plastic bearing

Are UV Disinfection Robots Here to Stay?

By Avory Brookins Photo: “201014-N-RG482-0033” by Navy Medicine, licensed under Public Domain Mark 1.0 The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an increase in demand for UV disinfection robots, which use ultraviolet radiation to kill germs in the air and/or...