Influence of vibration on machine tools: Vibration behavior of e-chain systems® White Paper

The requirements for precision of machine tools are constantly growing. Their increasing automation gives specific challenges; for example, the influence of the vibration of machine components on the finished workpiece is an important factor when cutting and milling. e-chain® cable carriers, the “umbilical cord” of the modern machine tool, are a possible source of vibration that can cause problems. As the technology usage increases, the use of cables and hoses guided by e-chain® cable carriers also grows. During the necessary operational movements, vibration occurs in the trough and at the moving end and can adversely affect the result and the entire production process if they exceed a certain tolerance band. In international competition, the German machine tool industry especially depends on premium products whose productivity and accuracy differentiate them from competitors’ products. Factors that limit the performance of machine tools must be overcome with innovative technologies. Suppliers of quality machines used in tool manufacturing are therefore dependent on energy supply products that offer minimal vibration and extremely smooth operation.

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