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In today’s increasingly globalized world, service can often be a source of frustration. Imagine you have a problem with a household appliance, say an oven, and you’ve specifically chosen a German brand for its quality. The instructions include a handy flyer with service numbers for each country. However, when you dial the number, you always end up at the same call center. A computerized voice on the other end of the line prompts you to state your problem to connect you correctly: “Please say ‘defective device’.”

defective oven

After repeating ‘defective device’ ten times, each time with increasing emphasis, you finally get connected – only to be put on hold. After enduring what feels like an eternity of elevator music, you finally reach a real person. You describe your problem in detail but, as is often the case, the problem cannot be resolved over the phone. This experience, which has little to do with actual service, is universally disliked.

Fortunately, this will not happen to you at igus®!

Our customer service is based right in Cologne, and with branches worldwide and numerous service partners, you always have the right contact person nearby. Regular training by our experts ensures excellent service “Made in Germany”. But igus® offers more than just simple telephone service and a personal point of contact.

So what exactly does service mean at igus®, and what does it mean for you?

Let’s start from the beginning: You’re looking for a replacement cable for your malfunctioning system and stumble upon our website through a blog article like this one. In addition to the blog, you find other sources of information about the right cable and eventually find what you were looking for.

At this point, you’ve already utilized a variety of igus® services without even realizing it. The numerous online tools, webpages, and blog have helped you find the right cable quickly and easily. This blog article will delve deeper into our digital assistance tools.

Now that you’re in the shop and your cable is in your shopping cart, let’s address pricing. Since this is a repair job, you only need a few feet of cable, not an entire drum. But the price per foot is the same as the initial list price for 328 feet (100m). The only additional costs are the copper surcharge and shipping costs. You might be puzzled by this simplicity.

There are no hidden costs for chainflex®.

No cutting charges! No minimum quantity surcharges! No packaging costs!

zeroes on a counting device

Our chainflex® cables come without cutting charges or minimum quantity surcharges. There are also no minimum order values or price increase surcharges. If you need only eight feet of cable, then that’s all you should pay for.

The best part is that cables in stock will arrive within just a few days and come with a 36-month guarantee! This provides necessary security and reliability and helps prevent failures and unplanned downtimes.

Speaking of downtimes, perhaps one of our experts should visit your site to assess whether there’s potential for improvement in your systems. This proactive approach can prevent costly downtimes. The service is free of charge – igus® lives by the motto “The easiest company to deal with”, and we prove it every day.

many different methods of contact, person holding phone

If you’d like to experience igus® service for yourself, simply call us at 1-800-965-2496. A motivated team with technical interest will be happy to address your concerns.

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