How easy is it to design a robot?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, “how easy is it to design a robot?”. Personally, I think people ask the question because they perceive that robots and automation are complicated. In this article, we will describe how easy it actually can be to design a robot.

How easy is it to design a robot?

Let’s start at the beginning. When considering the design, you need to know your application parameters in terms of speed, load, footprint, pick rate. You will need to research where to get all the components and find out how to get support, if required. You will need to figure out how to put all these parts together. You also need to consider how much programming will be needed, which will be dependent on the application.

This may sound confusing but there is a way of simplifying it all: Introducing RBTX.

What is the RBTX platform?

The RBTX platform is a marketplace for various low-cost automation suppliers to offer products, components and support to their customers. By gathering all these elements on a single platform, this site has simplified the way in which we design robots. There is a range of different options for every step of your design, allowing you to customize the robot design. In addition, you can get free expert advice at any stage of the design process.

robotic arm, laptop and person working a delta robot

On the platform there are multiple application examples to showcase which robots are used where and why. There is a video demonstrating a complete robot of some form being used in real applications. This media gives you vital data such as pick rate, estimated return of investment and some of the advantages. The easy online navigation gives you the option to purchase all of the components shown in the example, book a free video call for more expert advice and offers similar case studies for you to consider. The RBTX marketplace really makes things simple.

How to design a robot?

It is so easy. The product layout is clear with images of each style and type of robot. And there is a sliding scale on the left which helps you select and filter down to your specific parameters.

Once you have chosen the robot you think will work best for your application, you select it and simply “add to my robot”. This allows you to add all the respective and collaborative components that are suitable for the robot design you have chosen. Any special parts or connecting pieces that are required will be automatically added to the build.

The system is designed to be a step-by-step method of designing and purchasing a robot suitable for your automation requirements. It calculates the price live, so if you have a budget and the configuration you have chosen exceeds that, you can remove a component and see if there is a cheaper way to do the job.

What is different about the RBTX platform to normal igus® configurators?

The RBTX platform is unique in a number of ways. Firstly, this isn’t just an online tool for igus® products. This is a platform where various manufacturers are represented to create a network of low-cost automation parts. With this collaboration, there are many design options for companies. The flexibility of being able to pick various components and software ensures you are fully in control in designing a robot perfect for you and your application. Not only that, but you also have support. Our experts are on hand to guide you through any questions you may have. They can even test the feasibility of your design before you invest, all for free.

So, when people ask, “how easy is it to design a robot?” the answer is simple, so easy even I can do it!

Visit the RBTX platform today.

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