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dexai robot

Science Friction Episode 5: Alfred from Dexai Robotics

For some engineers, finding a solution to their product design challenges is a straightforward process. But for others, it’s a more complicated journey. Science Friction takes you through five of those journeys and reveals how polymer...

slewing ring and windmill

Green electricity from traditional windmills

By Michael Rielly igus supports Sailwind 4, a student project, with $10,550 and free components High-tech meets nostalgia: the HTWG Konstanz’s Sailwind 4 project aims to use old windmills to generate sustainable electricity. igus...

slew ring

How Does a Slew Ring Work?

By Shizu Yamaguchi Photo: “English: Slew ring bearing” by Dkluscious, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 Slew rings have a few different names, including turntable bearings, slewing rings and slewing bearings. The purpose of slewing...