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3x fiber wound bushings TX1

igutex® bearing range vs bronze bearings

Original article appeared on igus® plastic bearings have been produced using iglide® materials for nearly 60 years. The standard range of injection molded iglide bearings is extensive, however, not every requirement conforms to the standard...

woman peering into 3d printing with plastics machine

3D Printing With Plastics

By Shizu Yamaguchi (Edited by Jared Worth) Introduction Imagine this: You’re enjoying a cookie. But it’s not just any cookie: it’s 3D printed and made from plastic waste. This isn’t a scene from a...

iguverse or virtual reality by igus

Is virtual reality the future?

Article originally appeared on Virtual reality, often abbreviated as VR, is a topic that has gained much attention alongside artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies are at the forefront of discussions, with opinions divided on...