The Free CAD Library for Cable Carriers

By Christian Ziegler

Create CAD models for energy chains and download them directly into your design

Comprehensive CAD library without registration

igus® offers a CAD library, which can save design engineers a great deal of work. Create CAD models for all igus e-chains, download them in various formats and even transfer them directly into your CAD program – all for free.

CAD preview of cable carrier
Preview of cable carrier in CAD

Your benefits at a glance:

  • No registration necessary
  • Models for unsupported and gliding installation types
  • Configurator for specific circular movements
  • Configurator for various igus® guide trough systems
  • Share the current configuration via a unique link (URL)
  • Download in many 2D and 3D formats (STEP, IGES, DWG, etc.)
  • Click2CAD Toolbox – transfer created models to your CAD program
  • Download data as a 3D PDF or a ZIP file
  • Connection to the e-chain expert design tool

Below are some detailed descriptions of some of the above features of our CAD library.

Configurator for specific circular movements

This configurator can be used to individually design energy supplies for rotary movements. The tool allows you to create a solution that will function within your specific application. A Reverse Bend Radius (RBR) will be worked into your solution. Upon order, this RBR will be worked into your chain links. Although this is at cost, the RBR makes for an optimal solution for your installation space. You can configure a rough model of the complex guide trough with its guide plates while you’re at it.

rotary movements CAD preview

Share current configuration

Have you created an e-chain system with our CAD library and want to show it to a colleague? Or to your Igus contact in order to clear up a question? No problem. The “Recommend product” button creates a URL that can be copied to your clipboard. You can then send the link in an e-mail. The recipient can click on the link to see your CAD model.

CAD forward

Click2CAD toolbox

The energy chain’s CAD model is finished. The next step is to integrate your energy chain model into your machine design. The Click2CAD Toolbox makes this very easy: first download the program file and execute it (no installation). Then go back to your browser and navigate to the Igus CAD library. Once there, select your CAD program and insert the model at the touch of a button. Done!

Click2CAD Toolbox

Connection to the e-chain expert design tool

The CAD library allows you to put CAD data to use. Assistance is provided in the form of several configurators, as well as automatic length calculators. But selecting the chain is up to you. If you would like to have e-chains designed by experts, you have two options: your personal igus point of contact or our expert tool.

The e-chain expert uses your application and inputted data to select the right energy chain for you. After completing the configuration, you can open the chain directly in the CAD library.

Expert tool buttons

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