igutex® bearing range vs bronze bearings

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igus® plastic bearings have been produced using iglide® materials for nearly 60 years. The standard range of injection molded iglide bearings is extensive, however, not every requirement conforms to the standard range. So, igus introduced stock materials. This allows customers to machine components that are outside the “standard” catalog parameters.

But, we didn’t stop there. The age-old argument was still floating around about whether plastic bearings can withstand the weight and pressure of metal bearings. Despite there being a selection of specially formulated materials to do just this, some people still needed convincing. 

So, we took it a step further and looked at new methods, new materials, and new ideas.

TX1 fiber wound bushing

From this, the igutex® composite bearing range was born. Finally, a comparable material to take on bronze bearings!

The change was in the manufacturing process; from a molded plastic bearing to a fiber-reinforced composite bearing. This enabled an even stronger support material to be produced. The long fibers offer true stability. Having the same iglide technology means no external lubrication is required. Solid lubricants are part of the bearing’s intricate makeup. This is what allows a maintenance-free and grease-free bearing.

Where would you use these igutex bearings?

Industries such as agriculture, construction, and wind power are already using the range of fiber-reinforced bearings we offer (TX1TX2, and TX3). They are perfect for applications such as rotor lock systems on wind turbines. The heavy-duty bearings can withstand the pressure on them, even up at the dizzy heights of the propellers. They can also cope with up to 200MPa static load and 140MPa dynamic load. So despite being a plastic bearing, they can handle the forces required.

TX1 fiber wound bushing in construction environment

igutex bearings can also be used for easy replacement of bronze bearings, both on a dimensional and technical level in agricultural applications, for example. These dirt-resistant bearings are ideal for applications where they are going to encounter extreme conditions. The specially formulated bearing is also media-resistant, again making it ideal for outdoor applications.

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Standard “in stock” items?

These are an igus stock item! We hold a different range of sizes, with the product range growing every year. If you can’t find what you want online, speak with our team! We can have our bearings custom-made to meet the needs of your application, so if the standard range doesn’t fit your requirements, let us know.

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