What is a heat shrink machine?

Heat shrink machines are versatile and efficient devices that can seal and shrink products in one step. They apply a film of plastic over the product and heat it up, causing it to conform to the shape of the product and form a protective layer. Heat shrink machines are much quicker and easier to use than other desktop systems.

What is important for heat shrink machines?

Heat shrink machines need to be clean, smooth and efficient, which is why they use igus® products. These products are lubrication-free and maintenance-free, so they prevent any grease, oil or other lubricant from getting on the shrink wrap. They also have a low coefficient of friction, which ensures the product glides smoothly across the machine. Any friction would lower the machine’s productivity, create drag and affect the wrapping accuracy.

What igus® products are found on a heat shrink machine?

Many igus® products can be found on these machines thanks to the lack of lubrication required, however, there are some key products that are favourites:

We supplied xiros® rollers for a heat shrink machine project. These rollers had to be lightweight and quiet. Lightweight rollers were essential to prevent tearing or breaking the thin foil on the heat-shrinkable bags. We worked with the customer to choose carbon fibre rollers, which also had electrostatic discharge as an extra benefit.

heat shrink machine

The xiros® rollers also gave the customer the benefit of online customization. The customer could adjust the parameters according to their needs and test different loads and factors to find the optimal solution for their application.

How do igus® products help heat shrink machines?

Heat shrink machines require precise and hygienic product positioning for optimal wrapping. igus® offers a range of solutions for this, such as drylin® linear systems, igubal® pillow blocks, and tribo-tape. These products ensure smooth and accurate movement, as well as resistance to misalignment and friction.

Heat is another factor that affects the performance of the machine parts. igus® can handle high temperatures with its extensive selection of heat-resistant products. You can customize your application with the best parts for your needs.

xiros® rollers are perfect for heat shrink machines, as they have low inertia and high speed. They also allow you to add more material without stopping the machine, thanks to their innovative roller system. This reduces downtime and increases productivity, which is vital in today’s competitive market.

If you have an application that could benefit from our igus® products please get in contact.

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