Fast set-up of motor control systems from igus with no lengthy programming

igus accelerates the building of drylin E motor control systems with free motion sample programs

06 February 2023 – The programming of motor control systems and the integration into machine environments often takes several days and can cost thousands of dollars.

Now, igus®, the leader in motion plastics and moving cable management systems, has removed the barrier. With free motion sample programs available from igus, it is possible to commission the dryve® series motor control systems in just a few minutes and connect them to higher-level programmable logic controllers (PLC). This benefits automation newcomers and professionals alike.

The level of automation is rising rapidly in many companies. The workload for technicians and engineers responsible for programming and synchronizing automation movements is increasing accordingly.

“To ease the burden, you can download sample programs for our dryve motor control systems for free,” says René Erdmann, Head of Business Unit drylin E Drive Technology at igus.

Customers worldwide mostly use cost-effective control systems for simple automation tasks – such as controlling DC, EC, and stepper motors in single axes, line, linear, and delta robots.

“Thanks to the ready-made sample codes, users can now integrate our motor control systems into higher-level PLCs and machine environments in a flash and define motion sequences in a time- and cost-saving manner.”

The sample programs are compatible with PLC manufacturer Siemens and industrial PCs, microcontrollers, such as Arduino, and single-board computers, for example, Raspberry Pi. Other sample programs for Beckhoff, Wago, and Eaton are already being planned.

Users save several days of programming work

Access to the sample programs is barrier-free. Users can find videos on the igus website that show the most common automation movements, such as a trolley moving to different target positions on a linear axis. If the motion program seems suitable, the user can download and load the software code into the master control system. The motor’s actions can then be parametrized and adapted to individual requirements via an intuitively understandable graphic interface. No programming knowledge is required to set travels, target positions, and accelerations. The advantage is obvious.

“Initial customer feedback confirms this: with some sample programs that map more complex motion sequences, users save several days of programming work,” says Erdmann.

So far, the range includes 19 sample programs suitable for positioning tasks, testing and experimenting devices, pick-and-place handling, automatic assembly machines, and feeding systems.

Erdmann continued, “In the future, we will continuously add motion programs to the range customers need most frequently. If users can’t find a sample program, for example, a special application or for a different master control system, they can request it at the igus website.”

Instructional videos accelerate the commissioning of the motor control systems

To further accelerate the commissioning of the motor control system, igus has also implemented the so-called dryve experience in addition to the sample programs – an online world as a supplement to traditional analog media. Instead of reading printed operating instructions, customers can learn how to use the motor control systems with videos.

“The short videos deal with topics customers often ask about, such as connecting brakes to the motor control system. With the videos, they now have new, easy-to-understand 24/7 support,” says Erdmann.

All relevant digital documents for the smooth commissioning of the motor control systems – including firmware, EPLAN macros, and 3D drawings, are also available online:

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