Clip, stop, and go – igus linear carriage to go with new locking function

drylin® W clips carriage ensures quick assembly directly on the rail and easy handling

14 February 2023 – The motion plastics specialist igus® has introduced an exciting new variant of the clip-type linear carriage. This new development combines the practical mechanism of installing the carriage in place or removing it using a clamping function.

The new linear carriage from igus is unique. It can be mounted directly on the linear rail in seconds, disassembled and locked with a clamping lever. In this way, for example, operating panels, camera systems, measuring and testing units as well as tools can be transported practically from A to B.

Simply remove the linear slide from the rail, place it on another guide and fix it in the appropriate position. Introduced as a study at the end of 2021, the slide with a new locking function is now going into series production.

“The idea for developing the carriage came from our customers in the cabin interior. Here, the wish was to be able to move operating panels ergonomically and also to be able to remove them and take them with us, if necessary,” explains Michael Hornung, Product Manager International drylin Linear Technology at igus GmbH.

Thus, the clips carriage with a simple assembly and disassembly function was developed for the drylin W linear guide. The assembled equipment can be removed from the guide rail on the spot, taken to another booth and also safely locked in with just one movement. The first prototype was immediately well received. Constructive feedback led to further development.

“The customer’s wish was to also be able to lock the carriage, so we have now integrated the clamping into the clip carriage in the series,” explains Michael Hornung.

Three functions combined in one carriage

As a series, the slide now combines a total of three functions. It is the only linear slide in the world that can be simply clipped onto a linear rail. The user can mount the rail from wall to wall and does not need to plan any additional installation space for mounting the slide. In addition, it is a classic drylin W linear slide for simple and easy adjustment.

Thanks to sliding foils made of tribologically optimized high-performance plastics, the carriage glides on the rail without smearing and quietly. Dirt and dust cannot adhere, and even moisture and water are no problem for the carriage.

The new clamping lever fixes the carriage in place and protects against vibration and unintentional adjustment. The lever can be variably adjusted according to customer requirements.

In addition to customers from the interior sector, the new linear slide has also attracted the attention of many other interested parties, both from the machine tool sector for the variable use of testing and measuring systems and tools from machine to machine as well as from building and camera technology. Learn more and browse the shop for drylin W carriage clips here.

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