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manus 2023 brochure cover

Manus 2023 Brochure

By Sherill Letourneau The 11th biannual manus® awards competition recognizes innovative applications using plastic plain bearing and linear bearing and slides.  Read this brochure to learn more about the awards, the prizes and the 2021...

underwater linear actuator

Making underwater welding safer with robotics

By Jared Worth Underwater welding is one of the most dangerous professions out there. Divers face dangers not only during the welding process itself, but throughout the entire dive. This blog is going to...

Robotics in the food industry

Can Robotics Save the Food Industry?

By Jared Worth The global food supply chain is facing numerous threats. From widespread shortages of employees, climate change turning once fertile land non-arable, the war in Ukraine threatening grain production, and global food...