Extend the Reach of a Universal Robot with a 7th Axis

By Adriana Glazer

Sooner or later, the issue of extending the reach of robots for working efficiently will arise. In this article our focus will be on the 7th axis (or linear axis) for universal robots.

igus offers a 7th axis for universal robots, which increases the operating volume of a given robot. This system includes UR Cap Integration, i.e. the 7th axis is fully integrated in the Universal Robots software and can then be taught via the Universal Robot Touch Display (handheld).

7th axis for UR3, UR5 and UR10

The axis can be configured with up to 6m stroke. The carriage plate would be prepared for the robot so that the UR3, UR5 and UR10 robots can be attached. Attaching cable carriers is also a possibility with this system.

You can find the configurator for your 7th axis here.

7th axis configurator

To find out more about the 7th axis for Universal Robots, please reach out to Kevin Wright at kwright@igus.net or 1-800-965-2496.

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